In an ideal world, we would all arrive at our ski resort with our own personal ski teacher who would ski with us all week long, giving instruction when we wanted it and just coming along for the ride when we didn't. We would also have our own personal massage therapist who would be there as and when we wanted to soothe our aching muscles and iron out all the bumps and bruises.
(Preferably someone who could also sort us out if we pulled the odd muscle here and there). Just to make the week perfect, we would have someone skiing along side us, capturing all our best skiing on film (and editing out the worst bits before they presented us with a video record of our holiday).

The more likely reality is that we pay through the nose for a few hours of private lessons, rarely with the same instructor and always at a time that suits them. We join the queue for a massage with a therapist of unknown ability and, should we injure ourselves, the local medical centre will be pleased to give us a certificate to claim back some of our lift ticket cost. As for having someone to capture you on film, forget it.

Now there's a solution. I can provide all these functions, all week, in a unique package which one national newspaper journalist described as 'stunning'. Here's what you get:
  • Your own private ski teacher to work with you throughout the week.
  • Your own private massage therapist as and when you need one.
  • Your own private fitness and stretch advisor.
  • A videographer to record your skiing as it progresses.

Ski Teacher

I am an advanced/expert skier. I have an excellent understanding of ski technique and equipment and ski to a level between BASI 3 and BASI 2. For my own reasons, I have not completed a course that gives me a recognised qualification and therefore cannot call myself a professional ski instructor. However, I have and do successfully teach people to ski. The restrictions on ski instruction in France are such that, even BASI 3 and BASI 2 qualified instructors cannot legally teach privately in French resorts. In this respect, having no qualification is advantageous. There are ways and means of obtaining official authorisation to teach named individuals travelling with you to a resort and I will endeavour to have such authorisation to teach you and anyone travelling with you. The position is Switzerland is unregulated. Other countries vary.

Therapist and fitness advisor

It would be very easy to make this an overpowering function (stretch class in the morning, on piste warm up, après ski stretching, evening therapy session, etc) so lets just say that I will be on call as and when you need me. Any non-skiers travelling with you may choose to use this function during the day or evening as suits you. In the 6 weeks that I skied last winter, at least one person needed my help each week with injuries. In two cases I was able to keep people skiing all week when they had expected to be reduced to spectating from the bar.


If you've ever taken a video camera on a ski trip, I know exactly how you feel. You end up continuously stopping on the piste to film your friends as they ski by. All the good scenes are the ones that you shot and, the few seconds you see of yourself skiing on film are usually out of focus or not you at all! As a means of improving your skiing, nothing beats seeing yourself on screen at the end of the day. (demoralising at first, but rewarding by the end of the week!) You can see immediately what you're doing wrong and begin to see what needs changing. I will film you as much or as little as you like, on and off snow, either as a means of assisting your progress or just for fun. At the end of the week I will edit the film down and send you a copy in VHS format (mini DV if possible).

It's your holiday. You make the itinerary. My rôle will be to support and assist you where and when you request it.


A conservative estimate of the 'in resort cost' for the facilities I can make available to you as a ski teacher and therapist would be in the region of £1500, not allowing for the value of any video work. My charges - In addition to transport from London and half board accommodation in resort - represent exceptional value.

For more information or to discuss a prospective trip, please call or e-mail and I will be in touch.