Over the years I’ve written a lot of fitness articles, been asked for quotes on the subject and have had my work written about in The Times, The Sunday Times, Men’s Fitness, FitPro, Ski & Board, The Financial Times, The Independent, Harpers & Queen, The Scotsman, The Glasgow Telegraph, Time Out, What’s On In London, The London Evening Standard and the Majorca Daily Bulletin (it’s true!)
More importantly, many of my clients have been kind enough to write to me about what my work did for them. Here is a selection of what they said about my clinical work, Stretch Workshops and ski teaching. But first, a few edited highlights from the press.

“Jefferies has packaged his impressive range of skills into what he calls SuppleworX ..... the sequences he used have hugely improved the range of movement in my lower back while creating balance and an indefinable sense of ‘rightness’ throughout my whole body ..... if you thought that stiffness, a sore back and not being able to touch your toes were just part of getting older, Martin Jefferies is the man to convince you otherwise”
Time Out, London

"It works, it’s like a chain reaction moving through the body’s connective tissue …. After one session you’ll have access to greater movement, go back for more and eventually your muscles will regard their newly relaxed status as permanent …. after 4 sessions I regained a range of movement in my back that had been missing for over a year and was, according to my GP, irrecoverable" - What's On In London

“ his unique blend of manipulation, massage and an emphasis on pelvic alignment transformed my skiing this year. He’s made a big difference to my chronic stiff neck & shoulders too, something a personal trainer, physiotherapist and sports masseur failed to do ….. he's no time for perpetual clients or practitioners who encourage dependency, he'd rather teach you to help yourself  . . . a guy who's back locks when his fingertips are a foot from the ground steps forward, ten minutes later there's an improvement of more than 8 inches, we're impressed. Some movements are familiar from yoga and pilates, others you'll see performed ineffectively in any gym, a few are less familiar, playful movements invented by Jefferies than seem weird initially but work when you get the hang of them. He's no time for perpetual clients or practitioners who encourage dependency, he'd rather teach you to help yourself" - Time Out, London

"the kind of ‘super-massage’ enjoyed by professional athletes ….. a cross between a personal training session and a highly individualised MOT….. one treatment loosened up my tight shoulder muscles and resulted in a dramatic improvement in the speed and style of my back-stroke (swimming) …. if you are or have been injured, this could be the breakthrough to sustained recovery"   - Ski & Board Magazine

"Following Martin's appearance on the Saturday Breakfast show, we got the most enquiries we've ever had for a 'Keep Fit' guest" - Graham Robertson, Producer, BBC Radio London

“What is it like? Extraordinary. With my hips realigned, my legs are standing square, as they should. It seems like magic” - London Evening Standard

"several Time Out staffers have learned to unravel their knots at Jefferies workshops which come highly recommended” - Time Out, London

“After a soothing session with Martin I felt brave enough to face the world. This muscle guru offers huge entertainment too. Martin’s wry philosophy on life is worth putting into print and, being injured more times than the average stuntman, he’s a far cry from your average po-faced therapist” - Majorca Daily Bulletin

“watching you work is fascinating, there’s next to nothing that I recognise or understand”
- Andrew P, therapist, personal trainer, London, Sydney

“You are the man!”
– Andrew Stone (professional dancer, choreographer and jazz dance teacher) London

“I just wanted to say thank you. I feel much better than I have felt in the last 3 years and that's all down to you. Thanks very much. I wont forget you. – Angela A, London

“I got your number from a chap in Hong Kong, I’m going on a bit of a walk in a few months (500 miles to the north pole) and want to make sure everything is ship shape before I leave”
– Captain Manley Hopkinson (round the world yachtsman and adventurer) London, S.Africa & Hongkong

“I've just come back from running my corporate ski trips ...a massive improvement on the last several years which resulted in my being able to ski far more confidently! After ten days skiing I am still feeling loose and flexible. I figure that now is probably the appropriate time to thank you for your excellent treatment. So...thank you!” – Chris C, London

“the thing I really noticed after the first session was the space between my fingers” (think about it) - Dana P, London

“the chiropractor I’ve been seeing for the last 6 months said that, either the left leg had always been 20mm longer than the right and I’d never noticed, or else it had suddenly grown over a short time. The question is, now that you’ve made them the same length, am I 20mm taller or 20mm shorter ?” – David B, Triathlete, London/Atlanta

“I looked over my shoulder without taking my hand off the handlebars for the first time since I was a kid” - David W, London

“Just to let you know on that on Sunday I played an hour of competitive football.  Other than a bruised foot (one tackle I didn't manage to dodge) I feel no real ill effects. Needless to say I'm over the moon and can’t believe I'm playing again after almost 4 years!!! So, really just to say thanks, hopefully I can keep playing regularly  and keep up the good work and will certainly be recommending your services” – Has R, London

“the physio’ told me I’d have to live with it but now the pain in my shoulder is gone and it moves just like the other one”- Irene L, London/Hong Kong (7 years with a “frozen shoulder”, fixed in 4 weeks)

“I have more faith in you than in all the osteopaths, chiropractors, & back specialists in the UK”
- Jessica A, London

“I got round in 4.19 in the end -- the leg was fantastic for 13 miles then I felt it go at around the 14 mark. I think it slowed me a little but if it wasn't for you martin, I don't think I would have even been at the starting line”– Jim B, London

“Amazing, I haven’t been able to do that with my shoulder for years” – Jonathan W, Fitness instructor, London

“Nuff respect to you sir as I believe you are the reason I am back out in the parks and on the streets running again after a couple of years confined to low impact hell!! “– Kweku A, London

“It feels like I haven’t got a back !” - Lawrence K , Middlesex

“Thank you so much for this afternoons treatment of my back, you saved my Easter! Also the exercises you showed me are just fantastic. If you should ever go to Denmark to work, please let me know” – Linda P, Copenhagen

 “It’s taken me 12 years to find someone who can help me. If anything was to happen to you, who would you recommend me to see next?– Lloyd C, Belfast

“Goodbye" – Marion P, London (headaches every day for 18 years, just had 2 weeks with none after 3 treatments)

“Still singing your praises wherever I go to those in pain! you're a goddamn genius. Now, wondering if you have someone you can recommend to me in LA.? Keep up the healing”
- M Staufer, screenwriter, Los Angeles / London

“Four sessions to sort out an 18 month ailment. No pins & needles and better flexibility, who could ask for more. Will certainly recommend you to others” - Nick P, London

 “I’m still completely without back pain. It’s made a huge difference to my life which I wont forget” - Paul W, London

 “I won’t waste my time going to anyone else again” – Raymond Chai, ballet teacher, actor and choreographer, London

“I’ve had treatments from hundreds of therapists all over the world but this is what I’ve been looking for. It feels like your hands are talking to my muscles” – Rosetta I, London / Los Angeles

 “Martin Jefferies is unique. The bodywork techniques he incorporates in his therapy are steeped in exceptional knowledge of how muscles work and relate, and when not functioning properly, how to attain amazing results. He is incredibly innovative and amazingly effective”
– Stephen B, London


 “I Really enjoyed the workshop. Loved the challenge to yoga rigidity, soaked up learning the simplicity of the body and enjoyed your direct, irreverent style. I also really liked the fact that you are teaching people to help themselves rather than promoting a dependency” 
 - Bronwyn O, London

“after implementing your techniques, I managed to touch my head on my knee for the first time in about 20 years” – Carrick W, London / Vancouver

“After the workshop I felt movement and flexibility in my joints that I haven't felt for a long time. You made it fun and enjoyable. I told all my class on Thursday and you’ll get some dancers coming very soon as they all saw how excited I was!” – Dennis Wonder, dance teacher, choreographer and performer, London

 “I’ve been doing that movement in yoga for 10 years and nothing happened but now I know how to do it properly it really works” - Elinor L, London

“you should run this as a master class for yoga teachers, most of the ones I know don’t know any of this“ - Janet P, Tai Chi instructor, London

“Attending your workshop has really opened my eyes as to what is effective and, perhaps more importantly, what is not. What made the day better and easier is your approachability and your willingness to answer questions even after the workshop is over” – Kay & Toni S, London

”Just excellent, thanks for a great day. More than met expectations, it should in fact be the final session of any of the clinical work that you do, a 5 week course and then one StretchworX session would be excellent. I have found it invaluable in getting back to full fitness. Brilliant. keep up the great work... have recommended at least 4 other people” - Mark H, London

“A superb day, thanks a million. I was fascinated from beginning to end. You kept our attention all through the day and the time just flew. I hope you make a million and become a TV personality on the Breakfast Show, taking the world through mobility and stretch routines with their cornflakes”. – Paul B, London

“I really enjoyed your workshop. It all made a lot of sense and also changed my way of thinking about tight muscles. Thanks for everything. It was an inspirational day”- Pauline S, London

”I very much enjoyed the workshop and got more helpful and common-sense advice than I have had from countless sessions with osteopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists and others over the past ten years” – Sheila S, London

“Thanks so much, it was a fantastic experience. I never expected 6 hours to go so fast. In 10 years of yoga I'd never thought about the pointlessness of some of the moves! So, I stand corrected - literally” - Sian T, London, California

“the whole thing and you were fab. It has filled in the gaps for me after all these years dancing and ‘stretching’. This morning I went running (I hate running) I was so enthused, and I picked out the exercises to do before and after and I felt electric afterwards and did the best day's work in the office in weeks.” - Suzanne M, London & NZ

“having spent 20 years in physical theatre I thought I knew a lot about stretching. I now realize that I knew very little” - Tina G, Dorset

“I skied all week with absolutely no pain in my calf for the first time in 11 years”   - Joanne C, London

“the best skiing I’ve ever done, thanks” - Michael D, London

“Martins expert assistance made the difference between a potentially miserable week in St Anton and opening up the whole world of off-piste skiing to me” - Rod G, Berks/Perth Australia

“I never thought I’d try skiing till I met you, now I can ski happily down a black mogul field after 2 weeks, I think we should get married” - Sue G, my girlfriend.

“My skiing has improved more in the last 3 days with you than it has in the last ten years”
– Trevor J, London

“If someone had promised the same results after 10 sessions, I would have still been happy to give it a go. At that stage, the prospect of having to live with chronic pain and loss of mobility seemed all too real. In just four sessions, all pains and aches were got rid of and that, on its own, would have been amazing enough. But the true value of the experience for me was gaining confidence (backed up by some of your handy tips) that there is nothing inevitable about bad backs and stiff necks. From the way I walk, to how I sit at my desk and how I stretch and exercise, this has been a life changing experience. A lot to gain when in fact all I had asked for was to lose the aches! It takes a very generous man to empower others so much so that they don't need him again” – Eleni S, London

“I feel totally different, thanks to your amazing work." – Emi H, London

"Occasionally you meet someone tinged with genius and I suspect you are one such. To me, the difference between genius and brilliance is the extra inch that gets you beyond learning - or even improving - the art and being good at it. It's true understanding of fundamental principles and that is what you seem to have. You are an original! This morning, I feel 'odd'. I am walking differently and not entirely comfortable as I'm getting used to a different style of articulation. I feel less inclined to drag myself upright, and am quite happy to let things sit where they are. It's a strange experience, and one I'm getting more comfortable with. You should be world-famous and stone rich. If you were to let your techniques die with you we would all be worse off." - Gary Clarke (Author), London

“I have waited this long to contact you because (4 months later) I still think I’m going to wake up in pain. I can’t believe that after 27 years I am now virtually pain free. . . I’m more relaxed and my children tell me I’m laughing more and seem a happier person” - Maureen C, London (chronic neck pain, fixed in 4 weeks)

“Every day I wake up without pain. Every day I’m grateful all over again" -  Alex A, London (3 months in a coma, 6 years in pain, fixed in 4 sessions)

“How do you describe a session where you go hoping for a remedy or cure; feel your muscles being professionally crunched; definitely feel pain but also great improvement within 24 hours; are cured in the number of sessions suggested & walk away happy? You can't - but this is what happened for me and 5 other friends I recommended to visit Martin” – Gus M, London

“the exercises you gave me were the complete opposite of what the physiotherapist told me to do. Your stuff worked”  – Rory O, London

“It’s only thanks to Martin that I’ve been able to continue skiing (or even walking!) for so long despite an osteoarthritic hip. He really does have an extraordinary gift of healing” – Peter W, London

“I played the best round of golf in my life on Sunday and I’ve stopped limping for the first time since I ruptured my Achilles’ 3 years ago” – Paul K, Slough

" I knew my legs were tight and I was under performing as a result. 100km was a serious stretch and I wanted to finish knowing I had left no stone unturned.  So I visited Martin at SuppleworX for 5 sessions in the last 2-3 months of training. Right from the first visit I noticed the difference. I had a longer stride, my glute’s were activating effortlessly and I was recovering from long runs quickly.  He has a fantastic ability to deceive the tightest muscle into becoming yogic like floppy. Thanks Martin, see you for the next big one" - Dr Carlyle Jenkins, Chiropractor & Sports Psychologist

"I went to Martin to find out if my pelvis was out of alignment as one hip had started to give me pain. Martin quickly dispelled my fears about ageing and, not only fixed my hip, but also resolved long-standing problems with my posture. I now walk taller, more smoothly and free of pain. I am altogether more flexible and grounded and feel more confident. Everyday activities are much easier leaving me with far more energy. I have since slept more comfortably than I can remember and I feel much more relaxed and less stressed. Most significantly, Martin has brought about improvements in my body shape the likes of which I never thought possible. I feel very fortunate to have received such effective treatment – refreshingly, from someone so gifted yet genuine and unpretentious." – Diane W, London

“Thanks so much for curing my horrible back problems. Haven't even had a twinge since November 2004” – Mel C, Edinburgh (2007)

“I learned more about stretching and muscle function in your workshop than I did in 4 years doing my osteopathy degree” - Avni, London